When I talk to coaches, consultants, trainers, and others that use workshops and seminars to get clients, I frequently hear that over the last year they got zero to as many as 1 new client from their workshops after doing several workshops a month and they just don’t know what to do to make them work.

Most say, “I’ve worked my ____ off with those groups. I’ve given them the best training I could… but they aren’t turning into clients.” Some actually followed-up to call all of them and got nothing. And some set there and waited for the phone to ring. After all it was such a good workshop why didn’t they start calling?

If you’d like to see that number increase to you getting 25% to 50% of that room wanting your help, read on. Here’s how. It’s really simple wheel balancing machine

These principles will get clients, lots of them from your workshops and seminars. It is a workshop follow up system, and seminar follow up system that I’ll guarantee will change the outcomes of your workshops even if they’ve somewhat worked, or even if they have gotten you no new clients at all.

Simple Principle to Turn Workshop Attendees into More and Bigger Contracts for You

The key principles to getting most, of those in your workshops and seminars to want to work with you are:

  • During the workshop
    • Establish the value you’ll bring to the table.
    • Establish that they haven’t done it before on their own. They need you.
    • Get them to set dates and actions that they will be doing on their own, and you will call them later to offer to help them accomplish those goals.
  • After the workshop
    • Call them after the time frame they said that they’d complete some goal that you showed them how to do during the workshop.
    • Most will still not have acted, or if they did, will not have achieved the goal. This isn’t a reflection on your workshop skills or what you taught them. It’s a fact that most want results, but few act on what you taught them… even after paying for your workshop. And some will act, but still lack something to make it work. Your job is not to call to sell them, but to call them to offer to help.

It’s important to remember this guideline:

Find enough people to help and you will have everything you ever wanted out of life.

Seminar Follow-up System to Offer to Help… Not to Sell

Your job is not to call them up after the workshop to sell to them. Your job is to call them to offer to help them get what they so desperately want. One sounds like a salesman who is to be avoided. The other sounds like a friend who is interested in helping them achieve success.

Get Their Mouths Watering for Your Help During the Workshop

During the Workshop or Seminar, break the workshop up into segments. If it’s a whole day, or multi-day workshop break it up into hourly sections. If it’s a 1-2 hour workshops, break it up into 15 minute or 1/2 hour segments.

Make sure that you have a targeted measurable outcome, a RESULT that your attendees should get from that. Then make sure that they know what that value is. That will excite them to have that target. Make their mouths water for the results they could be getting.

At the end of that segment wrap that segment up by making sure that you share success stories with them about some of your clients, and their measurable results. Also, be sure to ask them what measurement they can achieve with the information you just gave them. Get them to write it down, and to also assign a date for achieving that goal.

They’ll use what they wrote down to manage the activities that follow, and to share a copy with you so that you’ll know when to follow-up to offer to help them, or to congratulate them on success.

It doesn’t hurt to let them share those with the room, and post them on a white board in front so that excitement builds as they see what the others in the room are targeting. In fact, it can be like an auction where some want to outdo the others in these new accomplishments.

Do this every hour or so, or end of a segment where you target another outcome and knowledge or skill that you’ve passed along.

Remind Them of the Value They Said They’d Achieve at the End of the Seminar or Workshop

At the end of the workshop allow time to summarize all of the opportunities from every hour, along with the value they will achieve once they’ve done this.

Offer to Help

And offer to help them achieve those goals. You could ask them to pass a copy of their goal sheet to you, or you could have already grabbed the information as you placed it on the whiteboard.

Offer to give them a call in two weeks, or whenever they’ve said they should have achieved their goal. You will call to check to see how they are doing and to either congratulate them on great progress, or to offer to help them overcome some last little gotcha that might have slipped through the cracks. You are there for them.

Your Workshop and Seminar Follow Up System to Get Clients

Create a spreadsheet with names, contact information, targeted measurable results, and date to be complete.

Start calling your list in a couple of weeks to see how they are progressing, or if they are complete.

Build Up and Congratulate the Successful

It’s very likely that several will already be successful. Congratulate them and send your first email to the whole group congratulating the successful ones in front of the group. That’ll instill excitement and also prove that what you taught works.

When you are talking with the successful ones, ask for their supervisor’s name, or their top boss and their contact information. Call the top boss telling them how great their employee is and that he’s one of your top performers in the class. He is. He delivered among the first. Make sure that you got that “measurable outcome” and value that this employee generated for the company. Then tell the top boss how valuable that must be to get ______ (measurable value).

Your value just went up, and you also spread the word higher than it might have already risen.

Then ask that top boss if there’s any other department he’d like to see similar results (use the measurements, don’t just say similar results. Put the numbers on the table. In other words, if you’d like to see another $1M in another department, or IS there another department struggling like that one was?

Or it could be that same department, and would he like to take it even further.

It’s very likely that you’ll be getting more work with that company.

But, as you call more people, you’ll very likely see some that didn’t even act on it. Some will make excuses about not getting around to it yet, or,, possibly road blocks put up by someone or something else.

It’s your job to HELP. Therefore, show some concern about the fact that he had previously talked about how much it was costing him to not achieve the goal, and ask if you could help him remove that pain. If the cost of standing still is many more times than the cost of hiring you, make sure he knows those figures and ask if he’d like to stop that blood loss that’s costing him $10K per week,when you could stop it for only $1K (or whatever your fee).

Even if they say, they’ll do it themselves. just ask, what is your next target time frame? Then put that on your follow-up worksheet to call them back at that time. It’s possible you’ll call them several times with no progress. Just follow the guidelines about finding ways to help them, and eventually they will either achieve the goals (and you’ll congratulate them as we did above and talk with his boss), or if they didn’t achieve it, at some point the pain will be too great and they will get the idea that continuing to live with $10K/week flowing out for 10 weeks was certainly stupid in comparison to hiring you at $1K or $2K, or whatever your fee.

Create an Opportunity to Help at Every Step

Some will have done it, but not accomplished as much as they could have. So ask them if they’d like to see another $X improvement in output.

It’s all about offering to help, not in asking for the sale.

The Perception You Leave with them Makes or Breaks This Opportunity

Most coaches/consultants/trainers expect to go from that first workshop (whether it’s free, or whether it was fully paid) to another level of working with that client. But most don’t because they are jumping ahead too far too fast and they sound like an aggressive used car salesman, OR some won’t even ask for fear that they will sound like one.

Either one of those rarely work, and that’s why it hasn’t brought you clients lining up for what you do.

When you follow-up your workshops to help them get what they wanted, you are only adding tot he credibility that you already have built, and becoming their friend, a partner in their struggles to help them remove that struggle and make them a hero.

By the way, send out that email about every week to two weeks to all of the workshop attendees. Congratulate more and more as they achieve their goals, and make sure to include how much value it generated for them. Others who have not achieved it will get the idea that they had better get off dead center, and either they will do it, or call you to help them do it. They will want that value too.

But also mention in the newsletter that you talked to Joe’s boss, and Jim’s boss about how valuable Joe and Jim were and how that boss acted. Joe got a promotion. Jim got a $10,000 bonus. And the rest get the idea that they’d better get you over there working with them.