As the man gradually left, I confronted my own future also, and I entered the curbed and welcoming cavern; I had a ton of work to do. I was at that point adroit at the Four Material Calms of – applied and supported focus, delight, composure and happiness, and serenity and care – yet I had no clue about how to move toward the leftover Immaterial Calms. I was a weevil attempting to tunnel into strong stone. I realized that my intelligent, figuring brain couldn’t enter these insignificant quiets, and that all of my contemplations, each endeavor to comprehend with my psyche would be pointless. Furthermore, I realized that my internal work was all that I could depend on. Visit :- ที่เที่ยวโบราณ

For a very long time, I rehearsed with extraordinary assurance, working energetically on the material and unimportant quiets, eating practically nothing. A couple of residents sometimes assembled at the passage to sit quietly in my organization subsequent to offering food, however they demonstrated incredible regard and never made me end my quietness. 

The tranquil and undisturbed air demonstrated very successful. To such an extent that one day soon after I originally entered the cavern, I had the option to go further than I had ever gone before into the Fourth Material Calm of Equanimity and Mindfulness. While in this covert government, I saw, briefly, the Infinite Space that was behind my fixation and encircled it. This happened when my hover of light vanished. 

When this occurred, something dropped into my heart, opening my natural eye for one minute as I amazingly slipped into the First Great Immaterial Calm of Infinite Space. 

In that short second I could unmistakably see that the past Material Calms of Applied and Sustained Concentration, Rapture, Equanimity and Bliss, and Equanimity and Mindfulness were hazardously near the world and material presence; excessively near the seeds of resurrection. I instinctively then supplanted my object of fixation that served me for these numerous years; my hover of light, by the Infinite Space encompassing it. At that point, when I fell into this Infinite Space, it felt as though an opening got unplugged! However, I had the option to keep a puncturing mindfulness. In this express, my “needing,” or my craving for anything in the material world was completely deserted. 

Presently my inward work was getting developed. My brain was getting profound and still, and the incomparable Source of intelligence that refreshed inside me, the Reality, was making itself known. I was really that extraordinary “Source” everything being equal. Or on the other hand rather, It was every last bit of me. There was nothing that the former self, the old “ruler” could do aside from unwind and start falling into the arms of this “Source.” I had incredible certainty it would take me to my key. 

The months flew by, and my internal work escalated in the continuous, quiet environment of the cavern. I confided in these quiet environmental factors. There were no curve balls or unsettling influences, and strangely enough, no sensations of void or depression as I dropped into more profound and more profound states. 

In the wake of focusing seriously on ‘Boundless Space’ for a year, my mindfulness abruptly moved to the ‘Cognizance that overruns this Infinite Space.’ These abrupt achievements and moves consistently came as incredible, sudden shocks, and this specific change happened with a quick acknowledgment – I comprehended that Infinite Space was too awkwardly near the Material Calms, and that this new ‘Awareness Pervading Infinite Space’ was a lot more secure. As my brain at that point focused on that Consciousness, I had the option to achieve the Second Great Immaterial Calm of ‘Endless Consciousness.’ 

While this was all event, the associations with the Source, exactly the same seven habitats that caused my disease and close to end on the peak, started to open normally in my body. My emphasis on the ‘Awareness that Pervades Infinite Space’ turned out to be exceptionally focused, and one evening while in this covert government, my psyche got a brief look at Nothingness – or the Void. The ‘Awareness that Pervaded Infinite Space’ had now vanished and there was nothing. Everything was no more. Everything was totally vacant, and nothing was left as I fell into the Third Great Immaterial Calm of ‘Nothingness.’ My extremely clear brain turned out to be extraordinarily clear; so evident that it understood the past ‘Extraordinary Immaterial quiet of Consciousness’ was only a perception, and really there was just nothing; just void.