How to Choose the Right Pet For Children

Having pets is a great way to teach children about responsibility as well as showing them how to be kind and caring to animals and humans, if done correctly. In certain instances it can take a lot longer however choosing the right pet can make the difference.

When considering the various pets for sale you need to consider the impact it will have on your life and your family’s’. It is best to start with a small animal which is low maintenance as you will probably find you are left to care for the animal a lot of the time or the child needs time to learn how to behave responsibly towards the animal. dog breeds in india

Choosing a small pet such as a rabbit or guinea pig is good since they are cheap to keep and to entertain. A few toys and they are happy. Hamsters are an option however they do tend to be awake more at night which is in keeping with their desert instincts of coming out in the dark and cool times.

Dogs love companionship therefore is a great option however initially they can be expensive to buy. You could re-home a dog from a rescue centre however you are risk of taking in an animal which may have temper issues which can come apparent if it feels threatened or provoked. If you do go down the latter root and choose a dog from a rescue centre rather than other pets for sale do make sure you get a full background from the staff so you understand the dogs behaviour, the breeds traditional ailments and the size the dog is likely to grow to.

I would suggest making a cost list of the potential pet. Include potential vet fees, insurance costs, collars, toys. Also consider if you have enough time to train the animal if you do go with a dog. Remember pets can damage homes, dogs especially like to chew furniture and can bring in fleas that will affect children too.

To recap small is best for the first pet. Going with a guinea pig or rabbit is a safe bet. As long as they are kept clean, watered and fed, they will provide brilliant fun. They don’t take up a great deal of space, food is pretty cheap as is bedding, or even free if you use a paper shredder. If you don’t have a place to put guinea pigs or rabbits such as a garage in the winter, then a hamster may be the best type of pets for sale to go with.

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