10 Tips For Saving Money When Food Shopping

1. MAKE a grocery list and stick to it, no matter what. This will decrease your chances of purchasing more than is needed.

2. GO to the store websites and compare the prices, find sales and print coupons. Many store chains will send you e-mail notices regarding sales if you sign up. 먹튀사이트

3. SIGN UP for your grocers, pharmacy and supermarkets bonus/discount card for additional savings. These can offer enormous savings to you over time. You will be alerted to unadvertised promotions and coupons.

4. ORGANIZE your coupons. Look for opportunities to double coupons. Special tip: many libraries have coupon exchanges available for consumers. This can be especially helpful for consumers who do not buy newspapers.

5. COMBINE coupons with store coupons for extra savings.

6. FOLLOW ads and buy food items that are actually on sale. Some items advertised are not any cheaper than their normal prices. When possible, buy enough of a pantry staple item to last 12 weeks. This is the typical sales cycle.

7. CARRY an insulated cooler in your car trunk or back seat during the hotter weather to store your refrigerated items like dairy and frozen foods. Don’t forget to fill it with ice from your freezer before you leave home.

8. DURING THE SUMMER, shop at a farm stands and produce markets to get the freshest fruits and vegetables at lower prices. I know of no better food than a nice ripe red juicy tomato that has just been picked that morning.

9. PLAN AHEAD so that you do not buy groceries more than once a week. This can save time and money for gas. This will also encourage you to purchase your items in bulk when you can.

10. Combine shopping trips for your friends and family. Give them a call and see what they need. Buy what they need and save them a trip. Or you could carpool with your friends or family on your shopping days.

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